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Performance Chemicals

Aceto Agricultural Products, Inc.

Aceto is a valued partner to the global generic agricultural industry by providing superior quality herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, which control weed growth as well as the spread of insects and microorganisms that can severely damage plant growth.  One of Aceto's most widely used agricultural protection products is a sprout inhibitor that extends the storage life of potatoes.
Utilizing our global sourcing and regulatory capabilities, we identify and qualify manufacturers either producing the product or with knowledge of the chemistry necessary to produce the product, and then file an application with the U.S. EPA for a product registration.  Aceto has an ongoing working relationship with manufacturers in China and India to determine which of the non-patented or generic , agricultural protection products they produce can be effectively marketed in the Western world.

We have successfully brought numerous products to market and have several additional products.  We have a strong pipeline, which includes future additions to our product portfolio. The combination of our global sourcing and regulatory capabilities makes the generic agricultural market a niche for us and we will continue to offer new product additions in this market. 

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