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Quality Management

Quality Management System
  1. Documented processes assure quality of products and services for Health Ingredients and Food / Feed additives at Aceto Health Ingredients GmbH according to HACCP and GMP.
  2. Quality Unit independent from product and sales management.
  3. Supplier qualification system.
  4. Full traceability of products and individual batches; corresponding documents are retained and available for 10 years.
Official Permissions
  1. Approval as Feed Additive Establishment according to European Regulation EC/183/2005 (number of approval: alpha DE HH 100029).
  2. AHI has implemented and maintains an HACCP-system according to European regulation (EC) No. 852/2004. This has been verified by an audit which covered the following activities, "Distribution of raw materials for production of food and food supplements, distribution of feed additives." The audit was performed on 2013-05-01 by DQS, Registration No.: 505895 HCE".
  3. MSC Certification (Marine Stewardship Council). It ensures sustainability and traceability for fishery products (Fish oil), certificate code is MSC-C54334
  4. Certified by ECOCERT for the product groups of organic plant and animal extracts and oils, certification no. is DE-HH-024-00605-CD. This certification enables AHI to handle organic products according to the corresponding EU-directives.
Support of Customers
  1. Competent, experienced personnel with degrees in biology and chemistry takes care of regulatory and technical aspects of projects.
  2. Regulatory intelligence: steady monitoring of regulatory environment (EFSA, HACCP, REACH).
  3. Audits of suppliers.
Support of Vendors
  1. Consulting services for suppliers.
  2. Improvement of working safety.
  3. Regulatory intelligence: steady monitoring of regulatory environment (EFSA, HACCP, REACH).
Strict Compliance
  1. Establishing Safety Data Sheets for all products in-house.
  2. Trained and examined safety advisers for road (ADR) and air (IATA).
  3. Approval for storage of materials from water endangering classes 1 to 3.
  4. Warehouses in compliance with EU and national environment legislation.
  5. Proper waste disposal of rejected materials.
  6. Compliance with all import and export regulations.