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Performance Chemicals

How We Operate

Aceto functions as a virtual manufacturing company, matching customers with fully vetted manufacturers. We are completely transparent with our customers and suppliers, which makes difficult sourcing easy for our customers. Our product managers are technically trained and have full responsibility for the sourcing, inventorying, and logistics so you can get quick responses.We work with industry leaders, who value our quality, speed, and discretion.

Global Sourcing

We seek out, identify, and qualify quality suppliers for our customers utilizing our technically trained people in China, India and Japan. Our true sourcing solutions bring you high quality products from reliable producers with better economics without sacrificing security of supply.

Regulatory Expertise

We have regulatory personnel on staff in every country where we have an office, who ensure compliance with local and international HSE regulations. We have experts in FIFRA, REACH, OSHA, DOT, TSCA and EPA test rules and regulations. We guarantee our products and sources will meet all of your regulatory requirements.

Quality Assurance

Working together with our manufacturers, we offer technical assistance to ensure we supply products that meet your exacting needs. We specialize in rigorous plant audits.

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