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Performance Chemicals

Where We Operate

The Performance Chemical Group has a global reach:

Map Sales offices

    -    Hamburg, Germany

    -    New York, US (headquarters)

    -    Paris, France

    -    Singapore, Singapore

Sourcing offices

    -    Mumbai, India

    -    Shanghai, China

    -    Tokyo, Japan

Stocking Points

Aceto keeps inventory close to customers, with major international stocking points including:

    -    Charleston, SC

    -    Chicago, IL

    -    Houston, TX

    -    Los Angeles, CA

    -    Newark, NJ

    -    Toronto, Canada

    -    Manchester, UK

    -    Paris, France

    -    Hamburg, Germany

    -    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    -    Singapore, Singapore

We currently supply over 800 chemical compounds, and stock over 300 products in North America alone.

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