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Performance Chemicals

Thermoset & Thermoplastic Resins

Thermoset and thermoplastic resins are the backbone of many of today's industries, from high tech green applications like windmill blades to products we see everyday like keyboards, phones, and picnic plates.  Aceto additives provide the key ingredients to the epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, polyimide, polyamide, acrylic, rubber, and specialty resin industries.  Product lines include.


    -    Curing Agents

    -    Building Blocks

    -    Diluents

    -    Flame Retardants

    -    Antistatic Agents

    -    Catalysts

    -    Catalyst Deactivators

    -    Promoters

    -    Inhibitors

    -    Antioxidants

    -    UV Absorbers

    -    Impact Modifiers

    -    Blowing Agents

    -    Organic Pigments

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