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Welcome to Acetopharma Philippines

Acetopharma Philippines Inc was incorporated in February 2015 and is a subsidiary of Aceto Pte Ltd, Singapore, a leading regional distributor (Asia Pacific) in Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemicals and Nutritionals for over 20 years.

Acetopharma Philippines Inc was established to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines for the registration and distribution of high quality pharmaceutical finished dosage forms and food supplements, as well as Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Active Ingredients.

Acetopharma Philippines Inc aims to provide value-added services to non-local Pharmaceutical manufacturers willing to register and market their products in the Philippines without having to establish a local presence in the Philippines.

Product Line
  1. Pharmaceutical Finished Dosage Forms
  2. Food Supplements
  3. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  4. Veterinary Active Ingredients