Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Aceto is an industry trusted partner for supplying pharmaceutical intermediates, complex chemical compounds and registered starting materials used in producing APIs. Faced with ever-increasing regulatory support required for API intermediates, innovative drug companies look to Aceto as a resource for navigating their global API intermediate supply chain.  Our customers can use Aceto’s experience coupled with our audited primary supply partners to second source intermediates with confidence.

Aceto is your partner for speed to Market.  We have global sourcing offices ready to identify the best fit for your project into our supplying partner’s manufacturing facilities.  Utilizing our global sourcing regulatory support and Quality Assurance network, Aceto works with the large and small pharmaceutical companies alike, sourcing quality pharmaceutical intermediates that meet the high regulatory standards adhered to by the global regulatory bodies. 

Take comfort that Aceto has your timeline, Quality and adherence to detail in mind for your next API intermediate need.