Personal Care & Cosmetic Ingredients


The cosmetic and personal care industries provide solutions we use every day, including products for skin care, hair & scalp care, oral care, and toiletries. Through our Inter-actifs brand, we strive to anticipate the market's needs and nurture imagination. In order to surprise our clients and meet their needs for exceptional ingredients, we are constantly searching for new and promising substances. Our catalogue of personal care chemicals & cosmetic ingredients is continually being updated with products from many sources: plant-derived molecules, biotechnology, synthesis, the pharmacopoeias of cultures around the world, organic farming...and their endless possible combinations. We offer more than 400 exclusive ingredients, many of them active ingredients. Varied and thoroughly researched, they encompass every aspect of the end products, including texture, efficacy, and marketing needs. Over 500 specialties can be sourced through our sourcing offices in order to offer the very best in terms of added value.

The worldwide presence of INTER-ACTIFS/ACETO secures a worldwide supply chain with the added benefit of international support for quality and regulatory requirements. Product lines include:

- Whitening/lightening agents
- Sunscreens/UV blockers
- Anti-aging products
- Texturizers
- Moisturizers
- Anti-inflammatory agents
- Radical scavengers
- Scar & wound care products
- Anti-acne
- Antioxidant
- Anti-cellulite
- Hair thickeners & conditioners
- Hair nourishing agents
- Hair dyes

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