The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on developing, manufacturing and acquiring a broad range of chemical compounds as diverse as synthesis intermediates, active ingredients and excipients: their strong reliance on distant starting material and chemical sources in our globally connected world has increasingly caused challenges associated with supply chain disruptions. Supply chains and manufacturers that support this industry are sometimes impacted by unpredictable and uncontrollable issues, like changes in regulation, increased demand, political disruption, or public health crises.

How the Aceto Flexible Approach Strengthens Your Supply Chains

In this highly challenging environment, Aceto delivers today “choice that work”, as one of our pharma customer put it. The support of an established development and manufacturing organization combined to an experienced chemical supply team removes the burden of individually managing supply chain issues and sourcing challenges. Whatever your needs for regulatory starting material, active ingredients, early or late intermediates or excipients, for clinical or commercial manufacturing stages, we have a Make or Buy solution to propose. We support customers development project through every milestone in the production cycle and has a clear understanding of timelines and the financial implications of missing those milestones.

Our expertise begins with process R&D to solve your most complex chemical problems, and our team of scientists, agile project managers and involved problem solvers stays with you from synthesis through to cGMP clinical manufacturing. All R&D activities will provide technical packages as needed.

Aceto has expanded our global manufacturing footprint with each site holding the relevant quality standards for the market segment the products are manufactured for and the company maintains a complete infrastructure of staff and equipment to handle all aspects of chemical manufacture including GMP custom manufacturing. Significant installed reactor capacity and equipment for the purification of products exist in North America and India.

We are critical material manufacturer with robust distribution platform 

Because of our access to reputable and diverse supply chains we can go beyond reliably sourcing the standard starting materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, ingredients. We can find niche products that companies may have difficulty sourcing, which further unites a company’s product development work. As a strong supply partner, Aceto provides choice to our clients by connecting them with thousands of production plants, rather than constraining them to a single producer. Aceto has a broad network of manufacturing plants and warehousing operations in multiple countries to cement rapid access to countless products and insulates customers from international manufacturer limitations and disruptions.


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