Ahmedabad - Finar

Ahmedabad - Finar

Capabilities include:


Finar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is well equipped to meet the growing needs of our laboratory chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients and solvents, food grade additives, and aquaculture specialty products. The facility is spread over 100,000 square foot area and the plant is designed as per cGMP norms and can purify 15,000 liters of solvents per day.

The facility also has a dedicated inorganic salt manufacturing section with GMP model reactors, FBD, and blenders. The Solvent manufacturing infrastructure includes several reactors of various capacities – glass-lined & SS316 with up to 35 feet column height. The advanced product packaging capability with ‘class 100,000’ clean-room facility has been approved by the FDA. Our manufacturing infrastructure and storage facilities ensure the safety and security of all our products.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

Our state-of-the-art Quality Control laboratory is ISO/ IEC 17025:2017 certified. The lab is regularly audited by global and local companies and upgraded through various certifications and accreditations.

We understand the need for perfection in the quality of all products and are committed to achieving this precision in analysis. Our customers are assured of receiving zero fault goods, as at Finar, every stage of production from vendor approval of raw materials to production and post-production is closely monitored as per specifications. Each of the manufacturing and quality processes is mapped and recorded as per ISO 9001 standards. These reports are then evaluated at regular intervals by a team of qualified internal auditors.

Changes in regulatory requirements have an impact on the manufacturing processes and the methods of analysis we follow for purities and impurities. At Finar, we are well placed to adhere to these requirements.

The quality assurance team ensures the development and implementation of SOPs, GMP documentation control, product compliance and reviews such as GMP audit, GMP training, and cross-functional investigations.