Grand Island - Islechem

Grand Island - IsleChem

The IsleChem manufacturing facility in Grand Island (Buffalo), NY maintains a complete infrastructure of staff and equipment to handle all aspects of chemical manufacture. Significant installed reactor capacity exists. In addition to standard materials of construction, complete reaction systems made of monel, hastelloy and nickel are in place to accommodate reactions involving aggressive chemicals. Reactor systems are linked to common auxiliary systems that supply hot oil heating to 260°C, cooling to -20°C and vacuum to less than 2mm.

IsleChem maintains a large array of equipment and expertise for the purification of products. Distillation trains of glass, stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel are installed and instrumented. The contract manufacturing area also contains Zwag, Nutsche and various bag and cartridge filters for solids clean-up, as well as numerous wipe film and falling film evaporators.

Below are listed some examples of the type of work which has been conducted for past and present clients:


  • Manufacture of air-sensitive organo-metallic compounds used in CVD and ALD coating applications
  • Manufacture of active ingredients for food-growth regulation.
  • Manufacture of specialty thermo-plastic polymers for shock resistant applications
  • Manufacture of client-specific halogenated conformal coating monomers


IsleChem manufactures kilogram to multiple ton quantities of specific compounds to satisfy client needs. Normally the manufacture involves multi-step synthesis of complex molecules.

A 2021-2024 phased facility expansion plan promises to introduce added capabilities and capacity over time.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

The facility has operations compliant with ISO 9001:2015. 

The site boasts comprehensive analytical capabilities including but not limited to purity testing, Structural conformation, impurity identification and quantification, physical properties, stability, performance based testing, comparative studies of products and raw materials. 

Due to the vast array of capacity and equipment the site supports not only its own manufacturing, but also the needs of several well know external partners.