Expanded Bioreagent Portfolio


Aceto announced today the introduction of an expanded portfolio for biopharmaceutical and cell culture reagent manufacturers. This offering will be built on the established expertise of Pharma Waldhof, one of Aceto’s key facilities located in Düsseldorf, Germany, developing and commercializing active ingredients, key intermediates, excipients, and reagents for multiple life science industries including pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics, and nutrition. The Biopharma and Cell Culture portfolio will leverage Pharma Waldhof’s worldwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities, tailor-made filling and packing, and experience as a major supplier to worldwide biopharma and cell biology industries.

The Biopharma and Cell Culture offering will provide customers with access to raw materials including nucleotides, nucleosides, and bio-buffers, while also supplying cell culture media ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins that further support the needs of biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

This service line expansion will provide customers greater access to raw materials and vigorously tested products for pharmaceutical cell culture applications, like ingredients for hybridoma and CHO cell culture media used in biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing.

"Aceto is active in new product development and advanced manufacturing techniques to position the company as a preferred supplier to the highly regulated biopharma and cell culture industries," said Gilles Cottier, Chief Executive Officer of Aceto. "Using the extensive Aceto network worldwide makes it easier for customers to access their robust portfolio of products, while working with a company that is vested in its customers’ success."

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