Nutritional Products


Market demand for nutritional/dietary supplements has been on the rise thanks to growing income of consumers and increasing awareness about nutrition. The demand increase has been accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world causing severe damages and changing people's lifestyle. All these trends drive the need for health ingredients especially natural, vegan, organic and clean label ingredients. Nutritional supplement manufacturers are looking for high value innovative products with better efficacy and speed to market, while in the mean time facing increasingly stringent regulatory environment partly due to faulty claims and adulterated products. 

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Aceto's Offerings

Aceto’s Nutritional portfolio includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical extracts and general supplements. These products are used to make tablets, capsules, powders, prepared foods, beverages and pet foods.

Our global supply chain allows us to source directly from producers, ensuring quality, consistency and value.

Main applications include:

Why choose Aceto?

Aceto is a global leader in supplying chemically derived nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and crop protection products.

Beyond “traditional distribution”, we add value for our customers and suppliers in terms of product development, providing access to new markets, plant audits, regulatory support, financial planning, and logistics.

Our customers trust us because of the following:

Nutritional Ingredients Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Our broad supplier base helps us maintain a large product portfolio that meets customers’ different needs.
Quality Management, Quality Assurance


Our unwavering commitment to quality at every level ensures product consistency and transparent integrity.
regulatory expertise, regulatory experience

Regulatory Support

Our experienced, technically trained regulatory staff guarantees that all local and international regulatory requirements being met, so that customers are worry-free.
Logistics Management, Logistics Support

Logistics Management

Our strategically located warehousing and distribution facilities enables fast turnaround and on-time delivery.
New Product Development

New Product Development Support

Our ability to source niche and novel materials helps customers speed up their R&D and reduce time to market.