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Fortify Your Pharmaceutical Intermediates Supply with Aceto

Manufacturers of life-saving drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) need the staunchest supply chains, quality assurance, and regulatory expertise. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies and CMOs look to Aceto for global sourcing of API and pharmaceutical intermediates


The Global Challenges of Sourcing Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Catering to the complexity and molecular diversity of modern pharmaceuticals requires an enormous amount of global coordination. Organizations around the world need to work together to supply everything from starting materials to advanced API intermediates for the production of both branded and generic drugs. Adding to the challenge, supply chains also have to be nimble. These worldwide interactions are in constant flux, due to unpredictable disruptions, shortages of raw materials, and sudden priority changes. All of these can significantly impact success if the organization doesn’t have highly resilient pharmaceutical intermediates suppliers.

Most pharma companies and CMOs operate at near-full manufacturing capacity, producing a wide range of API intermediates and drugs to keep up with ever-growing demand. As a result, switching pharmaceutical intermediates sourcing once a challenge occurs is rarely a viable option without significant planning and experience with many API intermediates manufacturers across the globe.


How Aceto Strengthens Your Supply Chains

Pharma companies and CMOs don’t have to struggle with major supply challenges on their own. Aceto offers a relationship-driven approach to pharmaceutical intermediate supply that delivers a >98% on-time fill rate, with full transparency and client visibility. Below are two pillars we rely on for managing supply chains and their risks— tapping into both our trusted pharmaceutical intermediate sourcing network and in-house capabilities.

Global supplier partnerships: With a sizable global footprint and solid partnerships with pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers, Aceto safely manages schedules, logistics, timelines, and international distribution. We have the right people on the ground, with offices and staff located near key manufacturing facilities and major production centers in the United States, India, China, Europe, and beyond. This allows us to strengthen supply chains and diversify supply options, all while maintaining outstanding pharmaceutical intermediate quality.

In-house manufacturing, R&D, and analytical services: In addition to our global sourcing network made up of external pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers, Aceto also operates its own manufacturing and analytical services. Importantly, Aceto can leverage its in-house manufacturing to provide greater flexibility and risk mitigation to our customers. These sites, based in the United States and the United Kingdom, are also open to custom manufacturing requests, should our expansive portfolio of pharmaceutical intermediatesnot meet more specific and unique client needs. Together, our ever growing and evolving manufacturing capabilities help us build even greater supply chain resilience for our partners.


Pharmaceutical Intermediate Quality Assurance and Regulatory Expertise

Aceto understands that CMOs and Innovators often have special standards for raw material and API intermediate quality, based on their capabilities and end-products. Knowing this, we take the time to match the quality requirements of our clients to appropriate pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers within our network. This customized approach allows us to quickly switch to an alternate vendor in response to an unexpected event, without compromising your core quality standards.

Our quality assurance team represents your interests in key manufacturing centers across the globe. Together, we can quickly qualify vendors, support audits, and resolve quality investigations, as needed by our partner companies. In addition, our deep experience supplying both APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates has built a strong understanding of international regulatory hurdles, which continue to pay dividends to our clients.

With our breadth of offerings, excellent quality assurance, and premier customer service, Aceto can optimize your pharmaceutical intermediate supply chain and solve challenges along the way.

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