Specialty Chemicals

The challenge for industrial companies sourcing specialty chemicals:

For decades, industrial companies have been qualifying and buying specialty chemicals for their applications.  As technologies have advanced, the requirement for niche raw materials meeting higher quality specifications has escalated.  Companies have leveraged global supply chains to first access necessary new materials and secondly to do so at a reasonable cost.  And, supply chains have become leaner, reducing overall acquisition cost and working capital.  Companies have met the challenge to be as efficient as possible, but have suffered the consequence of being too lean, too dependent on a single supplier, or being introduced to new regulatory requirements at the last minute.  All these factors can and have disrupted customer supply chains and the ability to serve their customers.  And, the disruptions that have emerged due to COVID 19 have only magnified the impact.

Aceto’s history as a specialty chemical company:

For over 70 years, Aceto has been a leading and recognized supplier of specialty chemicals.  We have large sourcing offices in China and India who locate niche suppliers with the right quality systems to serve our customers unique needs.  And, also have a wide swath of western suppliers to supplement our supply chain.  Aceto has made several acquisitions starting in 2020 to bring on captive production with a focus on strong R&D and quality systems to deliver the expertise and assurance of supply that our customers have learned to depend on.  See recent acquisition announcements here.  Aceto understands the critical role that chemical suppliers and distributors play in the supply chain.  We are on a never ending quest get better at serving those needs.

Leveraging Aceto as your specialty chemicals supplier:

Over time, Aceto has developed a strong catalog of standard raw materials for the industries including but not limited to coatings, lubricants, adhesive and sealants, ag intermediates, and fuel additives to name a few.  Below is a summary of several categories with which you can dive deeper and better understand Aceto’s offering.  Where companies often get the most value from Aceto however, is where the standard fine chemical or specialty solution doesn’t exist.  The challenge could be to find a niche supplier, develop a secondary supplier, or create a compound that doesn’t currently exist at commercial scale with the quality systems required.  Aceto pulls on several resources to meet these specific needs: leveraging our sourcing offices to identify potential suppliers, working with critical partners, and/or leveraging new our own captive R&D and production facilities.  We aim to provide choice to our customers – choice in quality systems, location, and manufacturer, so that they get the best solution for their challenge.

What’s next?:

We would consider it an honor to work with you on your next specialty chemical sourcing and supply challenge, be it qualification of our secondary supplier, or development of a key raw material for your newest product.  Please check out our customer specific catalogs below, or inquire in general on ways that we can work together. To learn more regarding specific industry offerings, click on key products or industries below.