CDC Anti Clog

The world's premier commercial condensation pan solution

Where there’s cooling equipment, there’s often trouble. Why? Air conditioner and refrigeration drain pans are breeding grounds for slime, sludge and toxic bacteria, all of which may cause major health and maintenance problems. What if you could eradicate these problems month after month - easily and efficiently? You can...with CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units, a drain maintenance product that’s so effective, it’s registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and NFS International.  And, is the only condensation plan treatment solution with a preliminary lab claim against Legionnaires’ Disease bacteria.  A detailed specification sheet can be downloaded here


As powerful as it is compact

CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units eliminate:

CDC Anti-Clog, Condensation Pan Tablet Clogging and drain pan overflows caused by slime build-up
Musty odors caused by bacteria-slime accumulation


Additional Benefits:

Safe, self-contained, tamper-proof packaging

Mix and match units fit any size equipment

EPA and NSF International registered

Created over 30 years ago by CDC, a leader in the field

Each unit stays effective for a full three months

Unique design will not clog drain pan


CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units: Superior Chemical Formulation

CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units control the growth of slime-forming bacteria, leading to a safer environment. Our new and improved chemical formulation is:

Registered by EPA and NFS International

40% high-efficiency biocides (by weight)

pH neutralized to help prevent pan corrosion

Effective in all climates for three months, 24 hours a day

Initial placement shocks water, then biocide is time-released


Who Should Use CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units:

If you use air conditioning or refrigeration units, you need CDC Anti-Clog #1 Units. Our clients include:


Apartment Buildings


Commercial / Industrial buildings

Hotels and motels

Cruise ships

Nursing homes

Health clubs

Office buildings

Schools and universities



To order, contact:

Aceto US, L.L.C.

(800) 636 7363