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Propylene Carbonate

  • CAS # 108-32-7
  • Formula : C4H6O3
Brand : Propylene Carbonate
Related categories : Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Boiling point : 242C
Melting point : -48.8C
Solubility : Very soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone, benzene
Molecular Weight : 102.09
Density : 1.2047 g/cu cm at 20 °C
Symbol : Propylene Carbonate
Lead Time: Available in 14 days
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Product Information

Aceto offers both sourced and proprietary forms of Propylene Carbonate to enable customers the best choice for fit and function in pharmaceutical and industrial applications. For pharma applications, Propylene carbonate is used mainly as a solvent, plasticizer and dispensing solvent for low dosage of active drugs in oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations. Propylene carbonate has also been used in hard gelatin capsules as a nonvolatile and stabilizing liquid carrier. We manufacture product complying with USP through our Finar brand.

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