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Sodium Saccharin

  • CAS # 128-44-9
  • Formula : C7H4NNaO3S
Brand : Sodium Saccharin
Related categories : Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Biopharma & In-Vitro Diagnostics
Boiling point : 438.9 °C at 760 mmHg
Melting point : 228.8 °C
Solubility : 100 mg/mL (water)
Molecular Weight : 205.17 g/mol
Density : N/A
Storage Temperature : 15-25 °C

Product Information

Aceto offers both sourced and proprietary forms of Sodium Saccharin to enable customers the best choice for fit and function. A&C's Sodium Saccharin multi-compendial meets the current USP-NF, EP and BP monographs. It is a white powder and a low calorie alternative sweetener.

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