Thiamine Hydrochloride

  • CAS # 67-03-8
  • Formula : C12H17ClN4OS
Synonym : Vitamin B1
Related categories : Nutritionals
TSCA : Yes
Melting point : 164 °C
Solubility : In water, approximately 5.0X10+5 mg/L, temp not specified
Molecular Weight : 300.81 g/mol
Storage Temperature : The drug is not highly susceptible to atmospheric oxidation but should be protected from air and light. Thiamine hydrochloride tablets should be stored in tight, light-resistant containers at a temperature less than 40 degrees C, preferably between 15-30

Available Packaging Sizes

  • 25kg
Lead Time: Available in 14 days
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Product Information

Thiamine Hydrochloride is a form of Vitamin B1 and used as a dietary supplement.

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