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  • CAS # 5625-37-6
  • EC# 227-057-6
Synonym : 2,2'-(piperazine-1,4-diyl)bis(ethanesulphonic) acid
Related categories : Biopharma & In-Vitro Diagnostics
Molecular Weight : 302.36 g/mol
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Product Information

PIPES is a zwitterionic buffer with a useful buffering range pH 6.1 to 7.5. Bio buffers create stable pH conditions for biological molecule to keep its native form without influence on its activity. PIPES belongs to the zwitterionic "Good" buffer series (Good and co-workers) showing several advantages compared with conventional buffers: pKa values within the physiologically interesting range of pH 6.0 to 9.0, independent of temperature and concentration. Suitable for cell cultivation as they are not absorbed through the cell membranes.