Ethyl Acid Phosphate

  • Formula : C2H7O4P + C4H11O4P
Brand : Ethyl Acid Phosphate
Synonym : EAP
Related categories : Specialty Chemicals
TSCA : Yes
Melting point : < - 60 degrees C
Solubility : Miscible in water
Physical State : Clear liquid
Proper Ship Name : Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic nos (ethyl acid phosphate, phosphoric acid)
Symbol : Ethyl Acid Phosphate Ethyl Acid Phosphate
Shipping Class : UN3265

Available Packaging Sizes

  • 5 gallon pails (poly or steel), 55-Gallon blue poly drum (standard), 55-gallon steel drum (additional fee)
Make on Demand: 3-4 weeks
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Product Information

Ethyl Acid Phosphate, acid number 530, is an equimolar mixture of mono and di alkyl/aryl esters. Aceto produces this product under its IsleChem brand in Grand Island, NY.

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Properties, Uses, Production

Chemical Properties

Clear colorless, to slightly yellow liquid with ethanol odor


Industrial chemical. For industrial use only.